[ Software ] Open Question : Uhh Why wont it start up?…?

Hey! I have a desktop windows 8 PC and i did the worst thing EVER. It froze while doin’ updates and well… i kinda got mad and TURNED IT OFF. Now whenever i turn it on, it goes and starts up normnaly untill when it gets to the winows sign it shuts off, tuns on and it shows a light blue screen and then says like its a probelem youve gotten into here :( . Its been awhile so i dont remeber EXACTLY what it said but it wont work. Plz help! Also check out my other questions to see if you can figure out those! Thanks! :D

Cry, the Beloved Country (Bloom’s Modern Critical Interpretations) [Repost]

Cry, the Beloved Country (Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations) by Alan Paton

Chelsea House Pub (L) | May 2010 | English | ISBN: 1604135832 | 2010 pages | PDF | 1 MB

Alan Paton's striking novel set in pre-apartheid South Africa puts forth the possibility of the existence of goodness in humankind against a backdrop of racial inequality, hate, and fear.

Swimming: My Escape from Reality

Without bragging, I’ve always been a good swimmer. As I child, I took to the water and my week


It is commonly agreed upon, by people who aren’t the worst, that rejecting a person’s romantic advances based solely upon their appearances is the behavior of a douche.

Or the behavior of Ed in the tenth grade who decided that because you weren’t part of the group of most popular girls in the year, being associated with you would make his popularity stock plummet. Yeah I see you there, Ed I officially called you a shallow douche on a blog, which is sometimes read by some people. So take that.


Hear me out.

In my early years of university I was tossing up whether or not to date someone. He was a great guy and we got along great BUT SOMETHING WASN’T RIGHT. And then one day when we were hanging out it occurred to me that his calves were oddly proportioned to the rest of his body.

Are you serious? THAT IS THE ONE PART OF THE BODY YOU CANNOT LITERALLY SCREW UP. Calves are beautiful all the time. But for some reason my brain saw them, and then imagined our children. They would be wonderful, smart, quick witted, charming and pleasing to the eye from the knee up. Knee high boots would be a necessity for them year round, screw the stifling heat Jenny, YOU HIDE YOUR SHAME, YOU DIDN’T GET THEM FROM ME STOP CRYING JENNY, GO BLAME YOUR FATHER! IN FACT TELL HIM I’M DIVORCING THAT DISPROPORTIONATE CALVED FREAK. But you’re beautiful Jenny.

I had no idea why this poor boy’s legs made me so mad and ultimately led me to tell him I didn’t want to be with him (I never told him that was the primary reason) but I knew it was the right decision.

I can’t imagine being in his position. What if someone was tossing up whether or not to be with me but they really, really hated my left wrist??? (obviously this is hypothetical, my wrists are perfect) BUT he chose to be with me because he isn’t petty and he is stronger than I am and thinks he can work through it and make it work. Make us work.

So the months go by and we fall in love, we meet each other’s families, I charm his parents with my excellently faked sincerity and winning way with pets. He wins over my Mum and Dad by learning the flash cards I drew up for him about international politics and fart jokes.

Years go by, we move in together, have a puppy. Argue over things like whether or not he should have to leave the toilet seat down and if there’s a right way for toilet paper to go (there is).
We get married, move to the country, have kids who grow up, move out. And then one day, when we’re on the porch over looking the idyllic Australian countryside he produces a bread knife from seemingly nowhere and hacks off my entire left arm with surprising ferocity for someone riddled with arthritis. And I die of blood loss.

Follow your gut.
If there’s something superficial about your partner you don’t like, don’t be with them because you might kill them over it.