(S)He Who Stops Won’t Get Anything (S)He Wants

This is the lyric video for Gavin DeGraw’s Fire. I didn’t like the original video because of the portrayal of women (sexy roller derby girls for no reason basically). I’m becoming more aware of the portrayal of women in the media since watching Miss Representation, a documentary currently on Netflix. But I like this song’s message and it’s honestly super catchy so I’d thought I’d share it. I took a Christmas break from posting because I honestly wanted to give myself some time to get rid of my writer’s block. But other than Christmas, you guys really haven’t missed that much. Oh yeah, well I GOT ASKED OUT FOR THE FIRST (OFFICIAL)  TIME EVER. So there’s that. So I will give you some information, but most of it I will cover in a blog post later. So basically this guy in my Spanish 1 class had started texting each other over break and we were talking about movies and he asked me if I wanted to join him sometime. He didn’t say the word “date” so of course I had to ask whether it would be a causal friend thing or not. He then answered with “well i like you” and the rest is history. It’s actually sorta funny because I had been looking at every other guy at my school, and the one who likes me in right in front of me the whole time (or beside me because of the seating chart in Spanish 1 but whatever). I will definitely let you know how that goes. Until then, don’t be afraid to give something (or someone) new a chance.

[ Software ] Open Question : Hi, everyone Please help me solve this computer problem?

I want to install ArcGIS 10.1, but this appears.

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : What does my ex boyfriend want?

Ah, yes. My first love from when I was between the age of 13-15 (now I’m 19) and yes, every single year since our dramatic yet passionate relationship ended he text messages me or has even called me when he is drunk. Aside from earlier years, 6 months ago while he was wasted (somehow I got brought up in a conversation with his friends) he called me (I’m assuming he was having problems with his girlfriend then) and seemed as if he was borderline tears. He wasn’t asking for me back, he wasn’t telling me that he missed me but he kept asking me if I thought about where we’d be now if we worked out earlier. He expressed to me that he thinks about me a lot, he worries about me, etc. he told me I was the only person (romantically) who gave him that support that he needed and I was calm about it… but I will always still love him the way I did in the first place. He was my first everything, practically. A few days ago he text messaged me while he was drunk again (I see him and his girlfriend broke up again) and he told me that it was crazy talking to me so much later (5 years later) and that when he comes home from school him and I should talk casually. Of course I said sure but I know this won’t happen because after every time he calls me or text messages me drunk, he just tells me that he was so “****** up” “apologies” he says. This has gone on for 5 years. Maybe in 6 month increments, maybe more but it does. He acts as if he didn’t know what he was doing.

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